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Chris Burt

Leadership & Management Assessor

Before joining Impellus in 2023, Chris worked within the public education sector.  With over a decade’s experience in multiple education settings, Chris has honed his expertise in providing feedback, offering robust learning support and cultivating effective working relationships. His experience within secondary education has fostered a passion for ongoing learning which serves as the cornerstone of his commitment to imparting knowledge and promoting growth in others.

Chris is passionate about helping individuals reach their full potential and aims to contribute to the development of highly effective leaders who are poised to excel in their careers.

Chris Burt

What we do

Everything we do is about encouraging managers, leaders and key team members to consider the power and agency they have to deliver at the highest level.

We’re chosen repeatedly by many of the UK’s leading employers.


Our Clients

We’ve delivered results for over 9,000 businesses, public-sector organisations and non-profits. See some of them.

British Safety Council
Case study

British Safety Council

Impellus training met the high standards demanded by this non-profit organisation, successfully upskilling its managers and making a substantial difference to the performance of its sales team.

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Customer testimonial

I was slightly skeptical about the online learning side of things, but it worked well, especially with the breakout rooms. Having a wide range of different courses to suit individual needs is also a great idea.

Chris Dickinson , Whitby Seafoods Limited

I found the Effective Communication Skills course helpful, it opened my eyes to how even body language can be a form of communication that may come across as negative. It has shown me I need to be more aware of how I come across to others when communicating with them.

Lauren McDowell , Wasdale - A Place to Stay

The courses that led to my Certificate of Learning have incredibly improved my awareness when I communicate with colleagues. I am now in control of what I want to deliver, and I have the tools to do it effectively.

Francesca Cecinati , Artesia Consulting

I found the course extremely useful and loved the psychology behind the different types of communication. I have been able to take this information back to my workplace and use the techniques to improve communication between myself and my team.

I.R , Daniella Draper

Mel really helped provide insight and offered points of difference that can help me in a professional setting. I enjoyed learning more about the ways body language and tone can have an impact. The eye accessing cues were also really interesting.

W.F , Tiny Rebel

Consistency and flexibility

Deliver the same levels of learning in the ways that works best for each individual in your team. Whatever their circumstances.

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Contemporary expertise

Our experienced trainers and assessors stay at the forefront by continuously training and being assessed themselves.

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The Impellus Business Centre

The Impellus Business Centre provides online access to your organisation’s account and learning records. Free for all clients.

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Entirely results-focused

Every course, every qualification, every time we help or advise we’re focused on delivering real and measurable workplace results.

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Thought leadership

ILM Awards: the way forward with Impellus

ILM Awards: the way forward with Impellus

As the UK’s largest independent training provider accredited by the ILM, we are determined to maintain the highest quality of training and support for our ILM Award candidates.

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