Winners are made not born. It’s a choice.

Winning isn’t about being number one in a world of nearly eight billion people. (Although it can be).

Winning isn’t about others losing either. (Although it can be).

Winning is about succeeding in the races you choose. In the moment you choose them.


To be the most engaging manager I can be.

To run the most unusual business in this sector.

To be a great partner / parent / helper.

To take this organisation into new markets.


That’s an important mindset, and a mindset that is frequently adopted by successful managers and leaders. Winning is about choosing what you want to win at. Choosing your goal. Choosing your strategy. Choosing how you want to lead. Choosing how you want to be remembered, even.

What’s the point in winning an argument that gets you (or the other party) nowhere? What’s the point in winning a race to be the cheapest, lousiest supplier in your market? What’s the point in winning new business which you can’t deliver without tearing yourselves apart?


Winning is about choice and focus, then the actions that deliver that choice. It’s about blocking out the noise that stops you getting there.

Focus on what you’ve chosen to achieve in the way you want to achieve it. You’re a winner.