** Thank you for your interest in this role, however it is now filled. Please see here for our available job roles **

As we grow, we’re looking for a professional and engaging individual to join our training team. This is a full time position (we never use associate trainers) requiring some very particular skills and experience. No previous direct training experience is required although you must be able to exude our values and impel our clients to improve their results.

Here’s everything you need to know including application process:


About us

Impellus is a well-respected, fast-growing provider of management training courses based in bright, modern offices in the centre of St Albans. As part of our expansion we’re looking to recruit a full-time trainer who can be capable of delivering management and leadership training at all levels and can also deliver commercial skills training courses.

Impellus is known for delivering high-value training to managers at all levels across its 16 UK venues and at client premises. We are an Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) accredited provider and we pride ourselves on helping companies and professionals reach measurably new performance levels.

We are passionate about living our company values (there’s always a better way, to deliver all interventions with integrity, discernment, care and a clear sense of quality, to always seek to take responsibility yourself, to provide a supporting culture for colleagues and clients.) every day and work hard to ensure that this comes across in the courses we run. This is why we only ever use our own management trainers and never use associates.


Being part of our team

You would join a small, professional team of dedicated trainers who travel regularly, work long weeks from time to time and also provide support services to managers going through ILM Award processes.

You’ll need to be professional, articulate, friendly and have held management positions during your own career. You’ll look to contribute to team meetings at our St Albans offices on a Monday morning and will be happy to travel around our UK venues and customer base delivering training. On average you’ll spend one or two nights away from home each week and will be provided with a full expense account in the process.

You will be well supported by our office team and so you can perform highly. The successful applicant will become part of our future ‘product’ so you will need to be able to rise to the challenge this presents.

Our company values are important to us and our team will see you as a senior member so it’s important you can demonstrate them in your actions.


About the role

The position requires an organised and commanding trainer who can set up and deliver training programmes reliably and with integrity, discernment and care at venues across the country. The successful candidate will also deliver occasional in-house training programmes on similar subjects for clients.

Previous direct training experience is not required but you must have held management positions (preferably senior positions with budget-holding responsibility).

Candidates should be accomplished presenters and may be asked to demonstrate their abilities. They must be able to think on the spot about how skills can be applied commercially, how delegates are processing information, and be able to actively play host to delegates at all times during the course of a training programme.

The job is very demanding in terms of the number of programmes that need to be delivered across a wide geography so the successful candidate will need to be in good health. The intensive periods are balanced by days of preparation, client support and consolidation work which provide some amount of time flexibility when not training. There’s also a very healthy six weeks (30 days) of holiday.

The role involves staying away from home approximately (but not limited to) twice a week. Impellus will provide an expense account for travel and sustenance, and overnight accommodation will be provided as and when required. Most overnight stays will be at the venues where training is taking place the next day and will have onsite restaurants. Venues also often have additional facilities such as a gym or swimming pool.

For many clients the successful applicant will become the face of the company so they must be smart, well-mannered, possess the right gravitas and be able to discuss further opportunities with clients. The successful candidate will ideally be based around the M25 area between the M4 and M1 junctions although applicants from slightly further afield with the right credentials will be considered.


  • Approx 39 weeks pa of training for 3 or occasionally 4 days per week
  • Attendance and contribution required at Monday meeting at head office (St Albans)
  • 8 weeks (40 days) of lighter duties including occasional in-house training days, assisting with programme writing, material preparation etc.
  • 6 weeks of holiday (30 days) over and above weekends and public holidays

Full training will be designed and provided to the successful applicant based on the requirements of that individual and as agreed at the time of acceptance. It is envisaged that the training period will be 6-12 months depending on the applicant.


Remuneration and terms

A full-time contract of employment with a three-month probationary period is offered.

Package after training:              £50kpa on achieving desired performance within first year, expense account

Initial training period:               Initial pay and training timescales to suit individual requirement

Holiday:                                        30 days holiday per annum plus statutory bank holidays


Application process

Ideally we are looking for an applicant to join us on 1st October 2016 although applications will be considered before then on their merits.

You should send an application email stating why you are suitable for the role and the competencies you’d bring to Impellus.

Please send your application to David Shimkus, Operations Manager – david.shimkus@impellus-new.novagram.com