Not sure about online training? Can online really compete with in-person?  

As a leader in the field of online leadership and management training, our delegates actively choose our online leadership and management training because of the huge benefits and outstanding results it consistently achieves. 

“Our leadership and management courses are specifically designed to work in an online environment and are delivered live by our own highly skilled trainers,” explains Impellus Training Manager David James. “The huge benefits of online training are obvious: dates are flexible, you still get to interact with the trainer and fellow delegates throughout the day and you save time and money by not having to travel.”

“There’s no doubt that online training is a different experience when compared with face-to-face training, but the key to getting the most out of your online course is to follow a few golden rules.” 

  1. Get the basics in place: make sure you have a good Internet connection and that your microphone and camera are working. Our trainer will check in with you before the course starts to make sure you’re good to go. 
  2. Set up a strict ‘do not disturb’ environment. Turn off your phone, close down your email and let work colleagues and anyone who might be around know that you must not be interrupted during the course.  
  3. Get organised: make sure your course workbook is to hand along with a pen, paper, drink and snacks. 
  4. Keep your camera on while the course is running. It’s unfair to fellow delegates and the trainer if you dip in and out or disappear altogether – and you’ll miss out on the full value of the course. 
  5. Use the course breaks well – Impellus training days are organised around a morning and afternoon break and a lunch break. Get up, stretch your legs, grab a coffee, have some food and maybe get some fresh air. You’ll return re-energised. 
  6. Don’t be tempted to share your screen if you’re taking the course with a colleague. Impellus online courses are highly interactive and this simply doesn’t work if delegates are sharing screens – particularly when the trainer needs to organise breakout rooms. 
  7. Make the most of your workbook. All Impellus courses include a physical workbook which is designed for notetaking and ongoing reference after the course. Discover the benefits of physical workbooks and why we still prefer to provide them over online versions. 
  8. Finally – make sure you fully participate in the day. Ask questions, make the most of breakout sessions and take the opportunity to learn from your fellow delegates as well as the trainer. Impellus courses are delivered in a safe, supportive and non-judgemental environment to enable honest and open discussion and debate. 

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