As well as being an internationally recognised qualification which makes a great addition to a Manager’s CV, an ILM Award in Leadership and Management leads to a huge range of real, tangible benefits in the workplace.

In fact, 9 in 10 learners said they were able to apply the leadership and management skills learnt through the ILM to their day-to-day job role, and 88% of employers said that the positive impact felt by their ILM training programmes was immediate.*

To discover a bit more about the clear impact an ILM Award can have, we’ve spoken with just a few of the learners who’ve recently achieved their qualification with Impellus. They’ve been telling us about some of the changes they’ve already noticed in the workplace.

Improved Communications in the Business

Simon works for Hireworks Ltd, a leading editing equipment rental company, and took the Effective Communication Skills module as part of his ILM Level 3 Award. He found that it’s particularly helped him during the recent lockdown; ‘I’ve been able to pay more attention to the way information is communicated and made better use of the feedback I’ve received from my team.’

Ilya from Eazi-Business Ltd, a global mobile app developer, also completed an ILM Award at Level 3, and has noticed that his ‘approach to work has significantly changed. I have become more of a leader, started to take on more responsibility, inspire and direct employees within my organisation.

Like Simon, Ilya also noted that his communication had improved since completing the ILM Award, and that it has become ‘clear, concise and effective’.

Getting the Best from your People

Finally, we spoke with Tim from environmental consultants, The Environment Partnership. He’s recently finished his qualification and has already seen an important improvement in the way he leads his team, ‘The ILM qualification has greatly enhanced my leadership and management skills, giving me a much greater sense of how to lead a team of people and enable team members to be the best they can be.’

Real and Immediate Workplace Improvements

The key to the success of the ILM Award is in the way it asks you to consider real workplace situations and apply what you’ve learnt on the courses to your own organisation. The assessment questions are designed to get you thinking about how you can make everyday improvements, and is part of the reason why the ILM qualification has long been trusted to generate truly significant results.

*Harris Interactive research for ILM, July 2018.


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