Impellus joins Register of Approved Training Providers for Apprenticeship Levy

Impellus is pleased to announce that it has just been appointed as an approved training provider for management apprenticeships delivered under the Apprenticeship Levy by the Education and Skills Funding Agency. After a rigorous application process, Impellus was notified on 31st January 2018 that it had been successful in joining the Register of Approved Training Providers (RoATP) to deliver management apprenticeships for the Apprenticeship Levy.

Level 3 and Level 5 Management Apprenticeships

Impellus will be working closely with employers to deliver management apprenticeships at Level 3 and Level 5 that involve the off-the-job training and end point assessments necessary with an apprenticeship under the Apprenticeship Levy.

The Apprenticeship Levy is not only aimed at young people and the under-25s. As the Head of Apprenticeships at the ILM, Jake Tween, wrote recently in HR magazine:

'There is a wider value of apprenticeships for a broad range of people of all ages and abilities. For instance, in companies experiencing leadership skills gaps in middle management, higher-level apprenticeship programmes could be implemented to upskill existing employees.'

The Impellus team will be meeting with the Education and Skills Funding Agency in forthcoming weeks to begin developing its Government funded Level 3 and Level 5 Management Apprenticeships. There will be a limited intake for the first candidates who are looking to start their apprenticeship in September 2018. Details and a confirmation on dates will be announced as soon as possible.

Opportunity to further support our clients

Jon Dean, Managing Director of Impellus, commented: 'Being appointed to deliver Level 3 and 5 management apprenticeships presents us with a great opportunity to expand the services and support we offer to our existing clients and to work with new organisations. We know that 'older' / longer serving employees are very keen to develop personally and professionally through an apprenticeship, as well as 'younger' / newly appointed staff, so we are looking forward to working with organisations to deliver the apprenticeship programmes later this year. We'll be releasing details as soon as we're happy with the integrity of the apprenticeship products.'