If you're an employer paying into the Apprenticeship Levy and you haven't yet discovered how to spend your levy pot, let us show you how you can use management apprenticeships to gain real competitive advantages.


Seven inventive ways to use Management Apprenticeships to boost results

  • Use apprenticeships simply as a way to deliver structured leadership and management training at all levels
  • Attract and recruit talented graduates
  • Attract and recruit talented young people by offering a paid alternative to university or further education
  • Succession planning for existing managers
  • Avoid being forced to pay higher wages to keep existing staff
  • Avoid facing training costs for new managers
  • Retain talented staff and motivate them to stay engaged


The problem many employers have found is that the Apprenticeship Levy was introduced with little education so for many it has just been treated as an additional tax. Unspent funds in your Apprenticeship Levy pot are lost and that's a criminal waste of your money.

There are a number of myths that hold employers back from using their funds:


Seven completely incorrect myths around using your Apprenticeship Levy

  • Apprenticeships are only for manual workers
  • Apprenticeships are only for kids leaving school
  • Apprentices have to spend 20% of their time out of work
  • They're difficult to set up
  • They're not for managers
  • They can only be used for new recruits
  • I don't have much in my Levy pot so it will cost me too much


There are lots of things that employers also don't know about their Apprenticeship Levy and using it for Management Apprenticeships


Seven often-hidden facts about delivering management Apprenticeships

  • HMRC will make a contribution of 10% over and above your contribution
  • Run out of funds? No problem - HMRC will now make a 90% funding contribution towards your management apprenticeships
  • The 20% of time spent on their Apprenticeship can be used for management activities
  • Management Apprenticeships can be used instead of pay rises
  • Apprentices can be of any age over 17. There's no limit
  • Apprenticeship levy funds can be used for senior management development
  • If you ignore this you're losing all your advantages and just paying more tax than you need to


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