Worried that your topic is perhaps too technical?


….. why not tell a story?


Storytelling techniques can be a more convincing and successful route of delivering information than just using facts.

The story doesn’t need to be of epic proportions. A precis that links facts together with an example or two can be most effective.

The Impellus’ learning and development consultants use the art of storytelling extensively in its Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) approved leadership and management training courses and report that:


  • Embellishes the training journey from start to finish
  • Whets the appetite of delegates to engage with the training content by bringing theoretical and scientific modules to life
  • Allows delegates to visualise how they can apply theory in their work situations
  • Can be positioned around aspects of data and theory that may otherwise be difficult to comprehend - facilitating delegate understanding
  • Enables delegates to connect thoughts and feelings to facts and theory. Delegates are highly likely to remember theory afterwards and embed it into their own skill-set and practices, if an emotional connection was established during the course
  • Empowers delegates to shape their future behaviours in a relevant and meaningful way.

Storytelling can certainly be a powerful, effective weapon in the armoury of a management trainer.

 “If you can’t explain it simply you don’t understand it well enough.”

Albert Einstein


Effective Communication Skills’ and ‘Delivering Presentations and Meetings’ open training courses are delivered regularly by Impellus Ltd.