Delegate ratings on performance improvement

A review of feedback from delegates who have attended Impellus leadership and management open training courses since 1st January 2014 reveals that 99.96% feel that the training positively improves delegate performance.

Of more than 5,200 delegates attending courses during that period, 92.4% rated the training as improving their performance enormously or measurably so.

Impellus focuses on delivering a superior customer/delegate experience and constantly monitors the impact of training in the workplace. This process is reflected in these impressive ratings.

Customer satisfaction

Understanding the diverse and evolving needs of its clients drives regular reviews by the Impellus team in terms of content, delivery and venues in order to ensure that high levels of customer satisfaction are maintained and that clients realise a positive return on their investment. Based on client feedback and suitability for workplace training, Impellus has also introduced four new Commercial Skills training courses to its existing portfolio of eleven leadership and management courses for 2017.

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