A major study by Impellus, a specialist leadership and management training company, shows that the UK’s Managers are secretly keen to develop their skills


At what point does a Manager feel they’ve been in their role so long that there’s nothing left to learn? Traditional thinking suggests that Managers who have a year or two’s experience in their roles should be competent.

But a study of nearly 2,000 Managers from all over the UK by Impellus, a leading provider of accredited leadership and management training and development, informs us otherwise.


If your boss could be better at their job it may be that they secretly know that too.

“Our research shows that even Managers who had been in the roles as long as 20 years report a measurable difference in their ability after engaging in structured development training”, said Jon Dean, Managing Director of Impellus.

“Most bosses are aware that they can improve. In fact our research shows that nearly nine out of ten Managers finds training has a significant impact on the day-to-day abilities to be a good boss.”


The research shows, however, that if you work for a boss who has been in the role for over twenty years you could be working for a Manager who feels they know it all.

“Whilst two thirds of Managers who have been in their roles for over twenty years still agreed that training helps them significantly in their roles, that’s still a marked drop off from those Managers who have been in the roles for up to twenty years”, concluded Dean.


So if your boss isn’t as effective as you think they should be, maybe they would benefit far more from some proper management training than they might admit!


Source: Impellus survey of 1,847 Managers who have completed ILM accredited Leadership and Management training, June 2013 – October 2014

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