This course covers the essential principles of successful project management including the four stages of a project and the three levels of project complexity. 

You will learn the key project skills needed to plan and lead successful projects that deliver for stakeholders while balancing constraints such as time, budget and changing expectations.  

Who is this course for? 

Managers or project managers who need to plan and execute professional projects and engage team members and stakeholders to ensure success. 

You will discover: 

  • How to create project plans and identify their scope and long-term impact. 
  • The benefits of using PERT diagrams to plan your project. 
  • Methods to analyse and mitigate risk. 
  • How to establish and analyse the critical path of your project. 
  • What’s needed for a project to succeed. 

What will delegates be able to do differently?

  • Explore different project types and assess their impact.
  • Identify the scope of a project and its long-term impact.
  • Manage each of the four stages of a project.
  • Analyse and mitigate risk.
  • Effectively use PERT Diagrams and Gantt Charts.
  • Implement a plan using quality time management.

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