Who is this leadership development training course for?

An essential course for all managers.

The course works particularly well for experienced managers who have never had formal training as well as those new to a management or leadership role, especially where they are now managing subordinates who until recently were their peers.

It delivers leadership skills that can be brought straight back into the workplace to increase effectiveness and powers of influence and motivation. The course welcomes managers from across all sectors as well as small and medium sized business owners looking to grow their teams.

What does it cover?

Leadership Skills Development investigates the natural leadership styles of each delegate and allows them to realise the impact they are having – or could choose to have – on their teams and the results that they’re generating. The course brings together the skills of motivation, leadership styles, strong communication and team empowerment. Delegates formulate a plan on how they intend to lead on their return to the working environment.

What will delegates be able to do differently?

  • Recognise their natural leadership style and when and how to amend it
  • Influence the behaviours of others in your team through leading by example
  • Understand how to motivate their team members effectively by understanding motivator and hygiene factors
  • Appreciate the difference between leadership and management
  • Increase productivity from their team
  • Understand how to communicate as a leader more effectively
  • Obtain more buy-in from the team as a whole

Leadership development training overview

  • The crucial differences between leadership and management
  • Identify your leadership style and when to adapt it
  • Analysing leading by example and what this means within your organisation
  • Discovering the various motivational drivers of your team
  • Exploring the power of outcome driven communication
  • Enhancing behaviours to increase leadership and follower buy-in
  • The circle of effective leadership

Joining this management course

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