Who’s it for?

Our business strategy course is specifically for the Senior Managers of businesses and organisations that are growing, or are looking to establish and implement plans for change and growth. Attendance with a peer from your organisation where possible is advised (multi-place booking incentives exist too).

The course is also very useful for Owner Managers keen on developing or realising business value potential.

What does it cover?

The course allows delegates to review their own organisation and its environment from different perspectives. Delegates concentrate on building strategy and culture, and examine how strategies in a business can successfully join together. It looks at the effects that these will have on people and teams as they take hold.

The programme allows delegates to reflect on their own organisations as they go. Working with a peer during the training course is useful, if not essential.

What will delegates be able to do differently?

  • Implement strategy and change in line with organisational vision
  • Make faster and better decisions and allow others to do the same
  • Get to the truth of where their business is really at
  • Maintain focus through accurately communicated vision, mission and values
  • Understand risk and how others feel about it
  • Take and communicate positive actions, risks and changes
  • Look for competitive edge and the next big thing

Business strategy course overview

The programme also provides a unique opportunity to network and chat with other senior-level professionals facing similar challenges with their organisations, and view your organisation from a different perspective.

  • Scoping out the commercial environment
  • Assessing all competitive factors
  • Understanding the factors that add greatest value
  • How a clear Vision, Mission and Values affects long term growth and value
  • Getting to the very bottom of the truth
  • Making and communicating decisions with stakeholders
  • Defining and establishing your strategy
  • Delivering on plans and decisions

Joining this management course

Joining this course is easy: just call us on 0800 619 1230 now or complete the form above.

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