Who is it for? This is an essential project management course for managers who need to plan and execute professional projects and engage team members and stakeholders to achieve success. The course helps managers to balance project scope, resources, environmental constraints and changing stakeholder demands to ensure projects are delivered on time and budget. What … Read more

Who is it for? Impellus’ finance training for non-financial managers is perfect for professionals who would like to improve their knowledge of the rudiments and principles of financial management in order to understand how their role relates to the financial health of an organisation and to improve their financial decision-making abilities. What does it cover? … Read more

Who is it for? Impellus presentation skills and techniques training is for managers and those who have to make persuasive presentations in order to be successful in their role. This would include; Sales and Business Development Executives who require competitive presentations when meeting with clients and prospects, Managers who need to report to their teams … Read more

Who is it for? Impellus’ negotiation skills training course is essential for professionals who want to develop and enhance their skills, techniques and negotiating behaviours in order to achieve an improvement in desirable outcomes both externally and internally. The course is also suitable for anyone within an organisation who may find themselves in a position … Read more