Who is our organisational leadership skills course for? Middle and Senior Managers who want to consider how their management and leadership style creates a culture, and how that culture affects performance and output. The course centres on the Manager’s role as a leader, facilitator and motivator of people in line with specific objectives. What does … Read more

Who is it for? Middle and Senior Managers who want to implement strategic and tactical processes and use objective measurement tools to manage and encourage peak performance in their department or organisation. What does it cover? This course looks at how objectives and performance measures can be implemented by Managers to ensure that people, departments … Read more

Who’s it for? Our business strategy course is specifically for the Senior Managers of businesses and organisations that are growing, or are looking to establish and implement plans for change and growth. Attendance with a peer from your organisation where possible is advised (multi-place booking incentives exist too). The course is also very useful for … Read more