Lots of activities to help to understand each part of the course and to keep you involved. The activities is what I enjoyed the most.

The trainer David James was a delight to be tutored by. All activity’s were thought provoking without ever feeling like filler to fill some empty time unlike other courses I have been involved in.

The breakout sessions were really great! It was good to be able to speak with so many different perspectives and share experiences and wisdom. The content was very well delivered and thought-provoking, and the timing of breaks, breakout rooms, and lectured content was well balanced.

Your courses were great, they were well constructed, had a good balance of listening and doing, and individual work versus group work.

Wren Laboratories Ltd Optibac - Training with Impellus

David James was great, the pace of the training and the activities planned worked very well and there was a direct link to how to use everything in practice in our own environment. I was engaged and interested during the whole day. Excellent work

I most enjoyed the “Delegation and Time Efficiency” module which helped me with self-reflection and new approach in my team. I found the Leaderships module very interesting and has assisted with my progression as a manager and how to lead my team – the tutors are very knowledgeable and the breakout rooms were a great … Read more