Do you always look to others to take the lead?

Is it your manager’s job to make all the decisions?

Do you have great ideas but not bother to push them forward?

Are you someone who does just enough and keeps a low profile?

Have you seen things that need fixing and thought ‘it’s not my problem, they get paid to sort this out’?


Some of these attitudes are potentially okay. Not everyone has to be in the spotlight all the time. It’s alright to be reserved and laid back. It’s not essential to always step up.

The assumption is often made that people in leadership and management positions within our organisations are the ones that have to take ownership and responsibility. We look to them to make all the decisions and be accountable for the success or failure of our businesses.

And rightly so. They are paid to deliver on those things. That’s their job.

But it doesn’t always have to be that way.

Leadership is not about job title, status and position. It’s about behaviour, attitude and influence.

We can all be great leaders.

Look at the likes of Greta Thunberg, Marcus Rashford and Captain Tom Moore as three simple examples.  None of them were in a position of power (though Marcus Rashford was a well-known public figure) but all of them have played a huge part in influencing changes to attitude, policy or legislation on a local or global scale.


What qualities did they have to be so influential?

Drive, passion, enthusiasm, bravery, commitment, to name a few.

So, if you spot something that doesn’t feel right or isn’t working as well as it should – step up, take the lead and influence the situation.

And for those of you in leadership and management positions:

Do you do everything yourself because it’s quicker and easier?

Are you someone that ‘does everything for your team’?

Do you like to be in control and involved in everything?

Consider stepping back and allowing your staff to thrive. Create an environment that encourages staff to step up and influence. Challenge them to take ownership and responsibility and constantly look for opportunities to grow and develop your people.


A job title is given. Being a leader comes from within.